T Mobile Shows The Direction of Travel at American Dream

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Most reports about the American Dream shopping centre in New Jersey have been initially positive and then as the developer has struggled with the Covid fallout things have turned rather more negative with retailers struggling to open on time and suchlike.

There are a few bright lights, however, with the newly opened T Mobile store being a case in point. Phone shops are generally pretty run of the mill things with a wall of phones, another for peripherals and perhaps a welcome/service desk to round things off. The T Mobile branch in this location is a lot more than this. Natural wood is the central material, used on the floor, as louvred beams overhead and crafted to form the tables and display furniture.

This store certainly does have handsets, should customers want them, but it is mainly about services, which is the direction of travel for most of the big networks.

As such, it is more interesting than a normal phone shop and is proof perhaps of the sector’s continuing evolution.


Pics: T Mobile