Taco Bell’s Times Square Digital Store

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In fast food terms, ‘going digital’ tends to mean giving shoppers the opportunity to order via their phones or installing kiosks in a store that allow them to do the same. At the newly-opened Taco Bell outpost on Manhattan’s Times Square, a line of kiosks ensures that they can do both and for those ordering by a mobile device, pick up from in-store collection lockers is the default option.

This actually chimes with the no-contact culture that has become a feature of the health crisis, but in addition to all of this, the branch itself looks novel, largely owing to the use of bright light and graphics that pop around the store. All of which means this is a store that looks more than a little different from a standard TB.

Diners can actually eat in-store in this one – there is a dining area and unlike most of the chain’s branches, alcohol is available for those who feel the need.

Pictures: Taco Bell