Taking a Journey with Canada Goose

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Canada Goose is the brand that makes parkas aimed at protecting users from Arctic Chill and the round label on the sleeve that denotes the garment’s provenance is known and worn, even in warmer climes, pretty much the world over these days.

What most Canada Goose retail outposts do not do however is give you a sense not just of standing in a cold room, but of taking an icy journey as part of the process of buying a bulky outer garment. Now that has changed with the opening of a store where shoppers cannot actually exit with a parka in hand, but with the promise, following an experiential trek through the shop’s interior, of a next day delivery of a fur-trimmed piece of outerwear.

The store is in Toronto and those entering it pass through a passage with lit panels underfoot, intended to mimic a crevasse. An accompanying soundtrack imitates the sound of walking on snow and once in the store not only does the environment have a cold room, but once a day there is a real snowstorm in -12C temperatures.

In terms of an experience, this may not actually be Hudson Bay, but it is as close as you are likely to get in the downtown area of one of North America’s major cities.