Teals: Where Farm Shop Meets Deli

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Teals is that increasingly common beast, a farm shop that wants to be a deli, but which also needs to prove that it is part of its location, as far as its product range is concerned.

Recently opened and located in the Somerset village of South Cadbury, this one serves as an object lesson in how to go about creating a store of this kind that will have the urban classes in the country beating a path to your door. Whether it’s the wood cladding, the black metal skeleton that supports the gabled roof within, or the large amount of glass that allows light into the building, Teals does it all.

It also happens to look pretty good and if this were in a big city, it would be seen as the country in an urban setting. At a moment when a lot of people are leaving the city (to an extent driven by Covid-19 and a reassessment of priorities) the farm shop-cum-deli is a thing of the moment and it is still a relative newcomer in the retail landscape. Expect a lot more of this.