Teamwork. It’s What Crises are for

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‘Togetherness’ (but 2m apart) has been one of the watchwords of the current crisis and in an astoundingly rapidly changing landscape it will probably remain as the defining term when it comes to understanding our essential humanity at times of threat.

In retail and hospitality, as in other areas of business and commerce, sharing resource and services has happened suddenly. Deliveroo, the cycle courier enterprise that normally delivers food from restaurants to users’ homes, has teamed up, for instance, with Marks & Spencer and BP fuel stations to offer essential deliveries to households that are self-isolating. The point about the move is that deliveries will be free with a large number of M&S franchises across the UK taking part.

On a rather more local note, your correspondent’s shop in the village of East Knoyle, in the west of England, has had volunteer-staffed contactless deliveries to those unable to venture out for more than a week now. It’s just the right thing to do.

From macro to micro, dealing with Covid-19 really will be a team effort and the manner in which rivals are coming together has been remarkable. There are, of course, exceptions, and when this is all over, they too will be remembered for reasons that they might not wish to have highlighted.

By John Ryan