Ted Rolls Into Westfield

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Roll up, roll up! The new Ted Baker store in Westfield’s Stratford City mall in east London is its second in the shopping centre, but this addition is temporary. Shoppers walking past this store will notice not only that it is a branch of the fashion retailer, but also that its aim is to get shoppers through the door by offering a reminder of the trappings of a Victorian circus.

From the outside, this means a window graphic bearing the legend “Ted’s Rolled Into Town”, but peering through the glass it is very apparent that props and VM are used across the whole of the space to promote the idea of yesteryear. The walls bear pictures of trapeze artists and there is a 3D circus horse, wearing a clown’s hat, seeming to crash through the plaster. The wood-clad cash desk imitates a lion cage and there are posters with the Ted message throughout. And if the shoppers looks carefully, there’s even a plug socket in one of the walls on which stands a graphics of a circus mouse, complete with hat.

For a pop-up store this looks remarkably like a permanent effort and it would be hard not to imagine something of the kind not appearing elsewhere in the Ted Baker empire.