Terrex Heads for the Great Indoors

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Terrex is an outdoor wear brand from Adidas and is usually found as part of the offer from the German label in its dedicated stores. Now there is a standalone Terrex store.

It’s in Shanghai and other than the sign over the door, which bears the Adidas icon, but not the full name, there is little nothing to inform the visitor of the brand’s provenance. That said, those shopping this one will probably already be aware of where it comes from and when they enter, they will be confronted with an interior that uses digital in large measure across the space.

Pride of place in this respect goes to floor-to-ceiling perimeter screen in front of which there are a number of different styles of footwear. Remove any of these from the display and information about the product appears on the screen. From a shopper perspective it’s simple and useful interactivity. Across much of the rest of the store, perimeter and mid-shop, screens are used as storytelling vehicles and if the shopper feels so minded, there is stock to look at as well.

An interesting departure for the sportswear giant.

Pics: Adidas/Terrex