That Freitag Feeling in Amsterdam

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Freitag, the Swiss brand best known for manufacturing and selling modish, brightly-coloured bags made from upcycled tarpaulins, has opened a store in Amsterdam.

Located canalside in the Dutch capital, this time Freitag has opted to run its store in concert with German lifestyle retailers Selektur, but this does not mean that any compromise has been made as far as the store design is concerned. Practically, this means a 70 sq m space in which the usual lockers that act as forward storerooms run from the front to back.

The devil is in the detail, however, with benches covered in the signature tarpaulins and 50s-looking bikes, in the same washed green as the shop itself, hung by their front wheels at the back of the store. The latter can, of course, be hired and used to pretend you’re a despatch rider as you sport a Freitag bag.

Like all the best brands, this one is instantly recognisable as a Freitag store, but subtle differences mark it out as being a new part of the Amsterdam storescape.