The 420’s SoHo high

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Health products that contain cannabidiol (CBD to those in the know), the active ingredient in cannabis, are on a high at the moment, even although they are far from legal in all territories. And in few places has this proved to be more the case than in New York where shops selling items to assist in using CBD or the products themselves have been proliferating over the last 18 months.

Now a shop in SoHo has opened that is not only in the heart of one of the city’s mainstream retail districts, but which seeks to capture the attention of the luxury shopper in this part of town. The 420 has about it the appearance of an upscale designer emporium of the kind that is reasonably common in SoHo with white being the predominant colour alongside purple, used as an accent colour throughout the interior. All of this is coupled with mid-century furniture and matt-painted trestle tables, giving a sophisticated, low-key feel to the whole.

The stock itself is, for the most part, contained within small glass phials, which are displayed on open-fronted wardrobe style fixtures along the perimeter and low mid-shop tables. New York is among the leaders in selling CBDs, but it’s a lead that others are bound to follow.