The Bar Method | An Interview with Jay DeCoons

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Jay DeCoons, CEO of The Bar Method, has always had a passion for fitness. With an athletic history that carried into his active adult life and a love of helping companies reach their fullest potential, Jay brought his business skills and The Bar Method’s founder’s abilities and values together to bring the brand to the next level.

Seeing the amazing physical and mental effect of The Bar Method’s result on his wife, is what really attracted Jay DeCoons to The Bar Method. After getting to know the founder, Burr Leonard, he felt he could really help the brand grow and become even more successful.

The Bar Method’s foundation is deeply rooted in its devotion to teaching excellence. The training never ends for those tied to the brand to ensure that The Bar Method has the most rigorous training program and continued education standards. “All of our potential franchisees must have a designated operating partner who continues to teach at least 6 classes a week and are very active in coaching the staff. Every other month notes comes out that include new choreography, new exercises, etc. and the owners not only have to master those skills but also get it incorporated with their teaching staff. Nobody else is our space, direct competitors or indirect competitors, invest this much time into the initial training and continue it on an ongoing basis.”

“That focus, that DNA is really our differentiation. It’s the technique.”

What happens in The Bar Method’s studios is irreplaceable but they understand that people have busy lives and sometimes insecurities about entering group fitness classes. For this reason, The Bar Method offers online classes as well. These classes were created with the intention that they would be used to compliment what happens in the studio.

“What we like about the online is that in a lot of cases people just don’t feel comfortable enough in their abilities, so it allows them to build up the knowledge base and some confidence in the comforts of their own homes.” The online option is also great for clients who are just too busy to make it to the studio some days but want to stay connected to the technique.

People go to The Bar Method when they are looking for a physical change in their body but get so much more from it. “It is giving them a real sense of confidence in the community and how it supports them with bigger things going on in their lives. We really do think about our mission as really helping to empower women to be the best version of themselves.”

A lot of what The Bar Method clients gain is beyond the physical aspect. The Bar Method community really tries to focus everything around healthy living that supports building both physical and mental strength. “While you’re trying to push out that last rep and you’re really thinking about other things going on in your life, you’re going to draw strength and bring that strength you have right then into a challenging situation you have at work or in your life.”

“We want to be creating a lifestyle in which people are really feeling more connected with their purpose in life”

The Bar Method clients are people who really want to live a healthy lifestyle. “Our community wants to live that healthy lifestyle we are creating and they definitely want to wear the clothes that motivate them and make them feel more connected with what they’re doing.” The Bar Method partners with brands they feel come from authentic places. They focus on co-branding and working on trendy designs that their community will love. When it comes to The Bar Method apparel, the brand strives to meet their clients wants.

Jay has a positive outlook for the future of the brand and hopes to help the brand expand into more studios. Opening a studio with The Bar Method requires a lot of dedication. It’s not the type of franchise to view as simply a business opportunity. “My vision is to find financing options for our 1000+ Bar Method trained instructors out there to open their own studios.”

“I would love to see us just grow from our tribe and help take us to new markets.”

For Jay, it’s all about everyone winning. “How do you play where everyone is wining? That definitely is a personal mantra- that alignment where if this business is successful it’s going to empower a lot more people and we are going to be able to benefit from that.”

By: Sarah Elaine Rossi