The Beauty of Zara Beauty

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A month back Inditex brand Zara launched the eponymous Zara Beauty, which more or less tells all that needs to be known about the products involved. What is a little unexpected perhaps is the manner in which they are being displayed, if the Zara Beauty shop-in-shop in the Dubai Mall is anything to go by.

Newly launched, this may be part of the massive Zara in this shopping centre, but it feels almost like a separate entity and what really sets it apart from the rest of the store and from rivals is the manner in which the product has been allowed to meld with the interior environment, in display terms.

Everything about this small interior is curved, whether it’s the mid-shop fixture, the perimeter wall into which a backlit slot has been inserted that acts as a display vehicle for the stock. If you wanted to create a minimalist interior that has real appeal, rather than leaving the onlooker cold, this might be it.


Pics: Jerome Georges-Vivien, Azadea