The Big Apple for Lego

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Two floors, a little short of 8,000 sq ft and millions of plastic bricks would sum up, at a very non-specific level, the flagship from Danish toy brand Lego that has just opened on New York’s Fifth Avenue.

A little more detail is required, however, as this one has everything from a ‘Personalisation Station’ (an area in which shoppers can design their own patterns that can then be applied to Lego bricks) to a screen showing the Statue of Liberty in Lego form who will wave back at you if you greet her in like manner.

Most of all perhaps, this is a New York store and as this is the Big Apple it is infested with life-size, whatever this may actually mean, super-heroes in the shape of anything from Captain America to Spiderman. Most of these are positioned amid New York landmarks, although Captain America stand on top of a yellow taxi (built from Lego, naturally).

Lego intends to use what is has done here as a template for other flagships around the world.

Pics: Lego