The Cliffside Shop

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Outdoor climbing brand, Cocona Inc has opened the world’s most remote pop-up store, The Cliffside store which is located 300 ft up a mountainside in Colorado. 

The store, accessible only by advanced climbers, was launched to sell wearable tech fabrics that keep the body temperature at 37.5 degrees – the perfect climbing temperature.

This new venture takes pop-ups to extremes and follows in the steps of Prada which opened a store on a highway in the middle of nowhere in US. These type of pop-ups are designed to deliver unexpected experienced and achieve global headlines.


The Cliffside store was suspended from the top of the mountain and was made of an outdoor durable fabric and was manned by one employee from morning to night. Customers were served through a shop counter window when climbing by.

A great store perhaps, but hard to get to.


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