The Deisel Faux Pop-Up

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Italian fashion brand, Diesel has opened a pop-up store in downtown Soho selling imitation clothing under the brand name of Deisel. The legitimate fakes is a fun play on an issue which plagues the fashion industry.

The store fits in perfectly with its Chinatown surroundings, easily fooling passers-by. A green canvas awning shelters the clothing items which overflow onto the pavement. Inside, the store is jam-packed with items on silver coat hangers along with clothing inside cardboard boxes.

Although the store will not win any design awards, it’s the PR for the brand which counts and it is perfectly timed to coincide with NY Fashion Week.

Pop-ups that have a point are generally more interesting than those that are just run-of-the-mill and which appear and then disappear.

New Yorkers can shop the “Deisel” capsule collection until Monday, February 12.