The Familiar in Unfamiliar Surroundings. Louis Vuitton and the NBA in New York

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There are physical stores and there are online stores. They tend to be different in look and feel, although some brands, notably Charlotte Tilbury and Diesel, have recently been attempting to replicate the sense of a physical entity online.

But what about a brand that takes a space and a complimentary brand, turns the whole into a vehicle for its merchandise and then films the result with a drone prior to uploading the footage to the web as a high-profile advert for one of its collections? The brand in question is Louis Vuitton, working with the NBA, and the interior that has been put to work on its behalf is Madison Square Gardens in New York City.

In essence, through a combination of lighting, digital signage and sharply dressed mannequins, Madison Square Garden has been turned into a catwalk with immobile models. In terms of making an impact, what has been done has the benefit of raising awareness of both the NBA and Louis Vuitton with fans of the brands getting the chance to look across the fence at something they might not normally consider. Clever.