The Floor Room by carpetright Launches in London

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Carpetright is Europe’s largest floor-covering retailer, a cross-border behemoth. As such, it is a lot of things to a lot of people. Yet in London it has just launched a new fascia dubbed the floor room by carpetright (and yes, it is all lower case) that is almost nothing like one of the outfit’s standard branches.

This one uses black and metal mesh on the outside and a blacked-out ceiling void within, white neon lighting and more mesh on the mid-shop pillars, which also support integrated screens with floor-covering content. Display fixtures are low, allowing sightlines from front to back and the split between ‘hard’ (ie vinyl, engineered wood and suchlike) and carpets is around 50/50 with the division straight down the middle of the shop. Navigation is surprisingly straightforward thanks to a very clear perimeter and mid-shop graphics package.

Also worth noting is the vending machine. This is in the window and contains sweets and carpet samples – representing the ‘gamification’ of this sector of retail perhaps and certainly adding to the sense of difference that this one exhibits. The design was the outcome of a collaboration between Itab and Carpetright.

Pics: Carpetright/the floor room