The Lolly-Laputan Café wonderland

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There’s quite a lot to be said for childhood and it’s all too often forgotten in the rush to be an adult. With this in mind perhaps, Shanghai-based design consultancy Wutopia Lab has created a family restaurant in the northern Chinese port of Dalian that aims to put the wonder back in to going out thanks to a series of experiences that target children and the child in all of us.

Called the Lolly-Laputan Café, this is a multi-room, 580 sq m space intended to be a ‘fairyland’. Practically, this means everything from a perforated aluminium exterior with a number of different entrances, to a lobby in which acrylic tubes are clustered to form a corral with seats inside.

Then there is the café itself, which has in its middle an area dubbed ‘cloudy town’ where kids can play and there are also slides, tree-houses and a ball pit. In truth, every element that is within the café can be found elsewhere, but it is the manner in which they have been combined and the use of colour that really sets this one apart.