The North Face, Gucci and Pokemon Get Together

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Collaboration has been something of a flavour of the month for a while now and the latest instance of this, which launched across the US on Wednesday, involves a link-up between outdoor brand The North Face, Gucci and, ahem, Pokemon.

Dubbed ‘pins’, the launch involves a series of yellow metal-framed geodesic domes which support a canvas with The North Face printed all over it. The Pokemon bit comes from the fact that each outpost is an official Pokestop, ready to be found online, although given their wider dispersal, it seems improbable that many will “catch ‘em all”.

Inside each ‘pin’ are the merchandise collections that have resulted from The North Face/Gucci link-up with green plush fake grass being used for the flooring and QR codes affording visitors the chance to scan and listen to ‘nature sounds’.

A bit of a mash-up really, but interesting nonetheless.