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Luxury perfumery, Labsolue is a small boutique store inside the Magna Pars Suite Hotel in Milano, which was once an old perfume factory.  The hotel and store is located in the Tortano District, home to Milan fashion week and the international design fair: Salon de Mobile.

Labsolue has been designed as a modern lab space with wooden benchtops, beakers and chemistry kits. There are wooden stations around the space with candles with bell jars and colourful liquids in glass jars. Wooden compartmentalised cupboards and modern sinks with tiled benchtops add to the scientific effect.


The store is entirely framed by glass and backs onto the exterior of the hotel with green gardens providing an indoor/outdoor feel.


Customers can choose one of the off-the-shelf scents or they can create their own.  As part of the experience they can also sit in the olfactory library to read about the history of scents.

This is an excellent alternative to the hustle and bustle of the beauty halls in department stores.


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