The Politics of Vegetable Milk, in Boxpark

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So what exactly is wrong with milk as a drink? For an answer, or at least a view on the subject, it might be worth making a trip to east London’s Boxpark, in Shoreditch, where ‘vegetable milk’ brand Oatly has opened a pop-up that will be in place until this Friday.

The ‘event’ takes the form of a tented café with a spot of faux greenery and seats in front of it, accompanied by large graphics that state ‘Wow No Cow’ and ‘Look! A Pop-up Event By Some Oat People Trying To Get Your Attention’. All good and the crowds gather, but is this rather more to do with the fact that there are free drinks and t-shirts on offer than it is about ‘the politics of what you drink’?

There is also a sense that the pop-up is in a part of the London where non-milk hot beverages will be almost the norm and therefore there is something that is not terribly surprising about all of this. That said, it is a bit of fun.