The Quietly Efficient World of David Clulow

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The world of eyewear and opticians is filled with variety, ranging from highly designed interiors to a stand in a newsagent offering reading glasses at throwaway prices for those who have forgotten to bring their normal pair with them when out and about.

Head up into the higher echelons of this world however and the choice becomes a little more stark: efficient and business-like or (frequently) baroque gaudiness. The new David Clulow store on London’s Wigmore Street certainly panders to the well-heeled, it is just around the corner from the UK’s private medicine thoroughfare, Harley Street, but it falls into the quietly and discreetly affluent style of opticians.

In-store this means a mix of highly finished woods to impart ‘warmth’ and screens around the upper perimeter that inform, but which do not ’shout’. The sense of luxury comes from the old gold supports for the mid-shop fixtures and perimeter shelves and it is perhaps worth noting that the ceiling void is black – no distraction from the stock is permitted.

This is a multi-brand store, but it is a David Clulow store and for this reason each of the brands is presented in the same way and given the same space.