The Row Opens in London

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Mayfair is a part of London that many pass through but relatively few actually shop simply because this is the home of luxury and the super-rich. It is also an area of the UK capital where the old adage that less really is more seems to hold good – this is one of the major centres for retail minimalism and perhaps with this in mind, child actors turned fashion designers the Olsen twins have opened their second store (the first welcomed shoppers in Los Angeles in 2014).

Like many of the buildings in the area, externally this is a thing of understated brick and marble opulence, but within The Row shopper is confronted by a pared back interior where walls are white, artworks are used sparingly as props and the colour palette for the floor and furniture is muted.

This is a store of several rooms where back lighting and low-key overhead illumination add to the sense of calm and the highlight, as far as display is concerned, is probably the shoe and boot wall in a room where nothing, apart from a sofa, interrupts the mid-shop vista.

In total, this one should play well with the locals.