The Saski Girl | Tammy Hembrow of Saski Collection

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Saski Collection’s founder and CEO ,Tammy Hembrow, is fitness, fashion, family and everything else goals. A dedicated mother, fitness guru and kick butt business woman, she is a positive role model for all female bosses alike. A scroll through Tammy’s Instagram could motivate any woman to get out there and do her thing in style.

Tammy’s passions for fitness and fashion have manifested themselves in her two brands- Tammy Hembrow Fitness and Saski Collection.  Her love for working out and looking good while doing it brought on the inception of Saski Collection. “I wanted to provide quality clothing that I personally would wear in the gym. I put a lot of effort into the designs and I’m really proud of how the brand has evolved since launching a year ago.”

Saski Collection is created for women, like Tammy, who have a passion for fitness and fashion. Saski is designed by Tammy with an emphasis on both strength and style. All these brand elements ultimately create the idea of the Saski Girl and her lifestyle.

“The Saski Girl is a woman who recognises her inner strength, determination and ability to do extraordinary things. We wanted to create a community where women can support each other at the varying stages of their fitness journeys and share their love for fashion.”

Beyond the activewear and ‘look good, feel good’ attitude, Saski Collection values its customers and aims to provide them with the best service possible. “We strive to place the brand at the forefront of Business Services and innovation within the online retail community.”

A lot of hard work and dedication have been put into Saski Collection. Since its launch, the brand has come a long way. “I started Saski Collection with my sister after begging her to leave her job. I remember crying after the first launch. Our website over sold our stock and I didn’t have the stock to send out for the amount of orders I received. I spent the next few days emailing and personally calling customers apologising. We did all the set up our selves. In that first launch we were the ones packing orders, doing customer service and counting stock, we got the whole family involved.”

Now with a growing team of eight, Tammy can look back and appreciate Saski Collection’s beginnings. “It’s hard starting something new with such a big platform, there is little room for mistakes. I feel that some people think I have some big team behind me. It’s a lot when you have two babies at home but I managed to still get things done and be there for my kids.”

"I’m proud of where we started because we know the ins and outs of the whole business.”

Saski Collection is currently all online retail to best reach its customer base which is 50% in Tammy’s home country of Australia and 50% abroad. A savvy business decision that has proven to be very successful. “The best thing about launching online is that start-up costs were minimal. I invested all my own money into Saski Collection and I’m proud to say that we have no debt.” Online retail has also given the company better insights to its customer base which helps them plan for future possibilities.

Like any fast growing business, Saski Collection experiences its growing pains and continues to learn and adapt as they evolve. There are lots of exciting things coming from the brand for all the Saski Girls out there to look forward to. Taking it step by step, Tammy shared that Saski Collection is playing with the idea of pop-ups and that there are new designs and more variation in sizing on the horizon. She also mentioned that she has an app being released, Tammy Fit, in which she has future plans to integrate a Saski Collection shop into. There are big plans for Saski’s future.

Building a brand is no small feat but Tammy’s dedication and passion have taken Saski Collection from a two woman operation to a growing Saski Team and successful brand in only a year. She graciously shared her secret to success with us. “Start with what you have. There may always be a better time, or more money needed but anything done towards your goals is a step closer. I could of waited around forever to start Saski Collection and I didn’t even know where to start in the beginning. I started to do my research and use the resources already available to me to get the project off the ground.”

"It can seem overwhelming but when you break it down into smaller tasks before you know it you’re on your way.”

Tammy Hembrow is the epitome of the Saski Girl with her fashion forward active life. When she’s not repping her own brand, you might catch her balancing her active life in style with brands like Balenciaga, Off White and Adidas. Whatever she’s doing, whether its playing with her kids, working out or running her businesses, we know she’s putting her all in and looking good doing it.

We wish her the best as Saski Collection continues to evolve and we can’t wait to see what future successes are in store for Tammy and the Saski brand!

By Sarah Elaine Rossi