The Stones Roll into Carnaby Street

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Think London’s Carnaby Street and think counter culture. Now think of the Rolling Stones and the same idea probably recurs, in spite of the band’s advanced years.

Put the two together and irrespective of the age of passing shoppers, the newly opened Rolling Stones store, dubbed RS No.9, on London’s ‘fabbest’ street is turning heads. In truth, for the most part, this is an homage to the lolling red tongue and shiny lips that are the band’s trademark, with a 3D graphic of the logo filling most of the window and a nearby hoarding.

Within, fans can buy RS merchandise and have it personalised in the store, which may be better than standing around trying to do something similar at a Rolling Stones concert, if such a thing takes place again.

There has in fact been a Rolling Stone store on the thoroughfare before, in the shape of a pop-up aimed at the Christmas crowd. This one is permanent…for the time being.