The Tramsheds

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Once an abandoned and derelict tramshed, an important heritage site has been given a new lease of a life as a major food destination in Sydney’s inner West.

The revived space features new restaurants, bars, cafes, bakeries and gelato bars, ensuring you can eat from morning to night. A barber and nail bar is also thrown in for good measure.


The tramsheds have been appropriately restored, honouring the area’s historical signficance and is largely in keeping with the architecture of the time. Old Sydney brick forms the frame which is supported by industrial beams. Graffiti from its sadder days has also been kept however and a restored tram, which is now one of the multiple dining areas, forms a centrepiece.

Each restaurant has claimed its territory in the open planned space, creating their own micro food climate and atmosphere.  Restaurants and food offerings also line the entrance offering alfresco dining. A supermarket acts as an important anchor for the development to help draw in regular visitors.

The foodie haven is also surrounded by new residential houses.


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