The Two-For-One Shop

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In the Nomad district of NY, a store trades by day and by night under two different names and with two very different offerings.

By day the store functions as a cafe called Patent Coffee, however at 5pm it transforms into the hidden, speakeasy bar: Patent Pending. Customers searching for a drink, can enter the cafe and go through the door into the secret bar. 

The contrast between the two stores is light and dark. The cafe at the front of the space features white walls and light wood with bright downward lighting. On the walls are marble frames featuring floral arrangements. 

In the bar, the lighting is dark with the majority of surfaces and brickwork painted with black. The den-like space has teal leather booth seating as well as bar stools lining the bar. 

Candles are dotted throughout the space, starting from the cafe in the evening, which then leads you into the bar. Lanterns and hanging light bulbs are added design features that dimly light the brick arches that are a subterranean feature.

The two-use store is a smart way to maximize the uses and pay off the rent!