The Willi boutique in Finland

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Pets, apparently, have done rather well out of lockdown. More people have been at home, more frequently, meaning that walks and treats have been more readily available than pre-pandemic.

All of which means that a lot of pet shops, they have remained open in most locations (they are seen as ‘essential retail’), have also prospered and those that operate them have been busy looking at how the in-store experience can be improved.

Willi, a new-look pet shop, in Tampere, in Finland, shows the direction of travel as far as the sector is concerned. This is a pet boutique, rather than shop, and whether it’s the mid-shop canopied island with wooden boxes crammed with ‘good boy’ products, or the black metal fixtures festooned with pink blooms, this is quite a long way from the usual gerbils on an exercise wheel and suchlike.

Interestingly, the promise of the store is also replicated online, with a website in which one of the tabs is entitled ‘Willi World’. Some things are lost in translation.

Images: Willi