The World’s Largest Levi’s Store

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The world’s biggest Levi’s store is something of a claim, but it is a reality on New York’s Times Square, where a two-floor flagship has just opened measuring just shy of 17,000 sq ft.

The question perhaps in a store whose overriding proposition is the sale of jeans is how do you fill a space this size? For Levi’s it is personalisation that is at the heart of things with a sit-at bar measuring 500 sq ft where shoppers can create, via a tablet, and then watch as their designs are used to give their purchases a bespoke, one-off touch, courtesy of the ‘tailors’ who are on hand to help behind the ‘bar’.

Much of the rest of the store is about reminding shoppers of the brand’s heritage with graphics and close-ups of details from the iconic 501 jean style. As a real piece of true Americana, this store is in the right place for the many tourists who will doubtless wander through its doors.

The store opened last week.