Tiffany Branches Out in Tokyo

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Luxury brands have been branching out into areas not normally associated with them for a while now, but a luxury diner is something of a novelty. This is the form that has been given to the newly-opened Tiffany Café on the top floor of the jewellery retailer and brand’s six-floor concept store in Tokyo.

With items that include Tiffany blue doughnuts and drinks of the same colour, the diner (where the overriding palette is the same blue, with dusty pink highlights) actually manages to look pretty close to a traditional eaterie of the kind and has a distinctly retro feel about it.

It also sits atop a store that makes a point of looking nothing like a normal Tiffany branch and where the retro feel is continued with a vending machine from which the extremely well-heeled can purchase themselves a piece of upscale mass luxury jewellery.

In terms of taking the brand and doing something different, the whole store shows what can be possible without alienating the customer base and potentially introducing it to an audience that might not normally be found in one of its outlets.