Tiffany’s Upscale Pop-up

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Just before Christmas, Tiffany welcomed shoppers to a store in which men’s jewellery loomed large. The store was a pop-up, was in New York’s Midtown and was aimed at a market that has not had a great deal of attention when set against female consumers.

Now the same building (a former Niketown) has been reconfigured and instead of just the ground floor being used, it is now a multi-level emporium that will take the place of the flagship store on the city’s Fifth Avenue while is being renovated.

Entering this one, the first thing that the shopper will now see is a Tiffany blue model of the Empire State building (before Christmas the space was occupied by a Harley Davidson ‘hog’. also in the same colour) and now the men’s stock has moved up a level, leaving the ground floor for women’s jewellery.

Engagement and wedding rings are found on the second floor and the highest level is home to a range of homewares.

Technically, this may be a pop-up, but it doesn’t feel like one.