Time for a Beer

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From time to time, pop-ups look as if they have had their day, but then along comes a (temporary) store that restores your faith in the formula. One such is the Shepherd Neame space in the Bluewater mall, to the south-east of London.


Bluewater lies just inside the county of Kent and Shepherd Neame is the local brewery. It also happens to be the oldest brewer in the UK and as such it has taken space for a few weeks in the county’s dominant shopping centre in a bid to celebrate brewing and in particular, the beer and cider products that emerge from the Shepherd Neame brewery in nearby Faversham.


Entitled, The Brewery Store, the Shepherd Neame outpost trades from a single floor with a perimeter filled with shelves and boxes created from plywood and using beer crates as props. Seats in the mid-shop are fashioned from beer kegs, as is the glass-topped table around which the seats are arranged. There is also a virtual reality tour of a hop garden, for those interested in such things and, of course, there is a range of beers and the single cider, a new departure for the brewery.

The 1800 sq ft store will be in place until July 5th.


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