TITLE Boxing Club | An Interview with Susan Boresow

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Susan Boresow, President of TITLE Boxing Club, started her career in franchising with McDonald’s. After 17 years of learning from the best, Susan took her skills learned in the food industry to service-based and wellness brands, eventually leading her to TITLE Boxing Club in 2015 where her expertise in franchising continues to shine.

In 2008, boxer Danny Campbell and businessman Tom Lyons partnered together to create TITLE Boxing Club in Overland Park, KS. After a successful year in business, Danny and Tom made the decision to franchise the TITLE Boxing Club brand. As the popularity of TITLE continued to rise, Danny and Tom looked for experienced individuals in franchising to help take the company to the next level so they brought on John Rotche as President of TITLE Boxing Club in 2012.

A couple years later, Kansas-City native Susan Boresow was attending the International Franchise Association Convention and heard John Rotche speaking on a panel about TITLE Boxing Club. Susan casually reached out to John after the panel to tell him how much she enjoyed listening to him. “I sent him a message saying great job – if you ever need someone to join your team, give me a call, I’m thinking about moving back there.” A few days later John reached out to Susan with an unexpected response. As he is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan and his team in Kansas City, he was looking for somebody with leadership and franchise experience. It was the perfect fit for Susan. After bringing Susan on board, John became CEO and made Susan the President of TITLE Boxing Club – a position she has held for a little over three years. “It’s been fun and I believe you have to enjoy what you’re doing. I love fitness, franchising and developing teams and it’s just been really rewarding.”

“The journey has been great with TITLE Boxing Club and it’s not over yet. I feel it’s just beginning.”

Celebrating its 10 year anniversary this year, TITLE Boxing Club’s goal has been and continues to be centered on providing a great work out using the fundamentals of boxing for all ages and all fitness levels. The mission is simple: “to be the best hour of someone’s day.”

“Our values are really rooted on three areas: live with a healthy mind and body- we are about fitness but it’s not just physical, it’s mental too. The second is creating a positive environment. You really have to have high energy and positivity each and every day. The third is producing results with integrity and dedication.” It’s the dedication to these values that make TITLE Boxing Club’s mission possible.

It’s no joke when TITLE says that the brand is for everyone. From ages 8 to 98, TITLE appeals to all demographics. Whether it’s date night, family fun or whatever your ‘why’ may be, the brand provides an environment and experience that fits everyone’s needs. The TITLE Boxing Club community is 75 percent female which is no surprise given its open, inclusive, and welcoming environment. “It’s very empowering for women. We are in a structured environment and there is no sparing. It is trainer-led and it’s really about you and the bag.”

A unique part of the TITLE community is their work with those who live with Parkinson’s. “Franchisees work heavily with The Parkinson’s Disease Foundation or the RockSteady organization as our workouts help those who live with Parkinson’s have a better quality of life. We have classes designed to help this population combat the negative effects of the disease.”

“It is very heartwarming to see the impact our franchisees have made.”

Ten years ago, TITLE Boxing Club’s founders never could have fathomed that their single location would turn into 175 clubs with a goal to continue growing globally with 50 – 60 new clubs a year. Susan shared that as a brand, they strive to have the most loyal member base in the world and that’s truly what it’s about. “Simply, we want to continue to grow and dominate the industry and provide our members with a premium value.”

TITLE Boxing Club is a place to get both physically and mentally fit. Susan offered up some personal words of advice that are in line with TITLE’s overall mission. “You have to lift yourself before you can lift others. You have to feel good about yourself and be in a great place before you can help others. You’ve got to be positive with yourself and have a positive outlook on life. I believe by embodying these values, you can help others more readily and willingly and be more effective in doing so. I also believe that you don’t want anyone to define your boundaries for you. Believe in yourself and you can achieve whatever you want.”

By: Sarah Elaine Rossi