Tom Dixon sets up shop in Milan

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At what point did designer Tom Dixon morph from creator to brand? It’s hard to say, but the process is now history and following the move of the brand’s head office from west London to King’s Cross’ Coal Drops Yard in London last year, Tom Dixons has just opened a restaurant in Milan where everything is for sale.

This means a lot more than food. Diners at this one, which boasts 100 covers, can buy the table they are seated at, the chairs and even the candlesticks that adorn the setting. The idea is that the restaurant is in fact an adjunct to the European headquarters and the restaurant itself is called The Manzoni.

The pairing of office, shop and eating space is a mirror image of the London arrangement and everything that might be expected of Tom Dixon, from shiny copper and chrome bulbous pendant lights to a lot of greenery, the latter in a room dubbed The Jungle, is in place.

This is Tom Dixon’s only permanent space outside the UK and marks another development for the brand.