Tom Dixon slice of the Future in Shanghai

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If you want to get a glimpse of the future of luxury, then one of the better places you might do this is Xintiandi, the upscale area of downtown Shanghai. And it is here that designer Tom Dixon, he of the copper lighting, tableware and almost anything else that can be plated, has opened a new store that targets the very wealthy set in China’s commercial capital.

The point about this store is that Tom’s copperware is much less to the fore that might have been the case previously and instead, the overwhelming sense is of stone, which is on the walls, pillars and a number of good-looking mid-shop display plinths. The latter look as if they might have been hewn out of quarry yesterday and given a flat top but not much else. It’s all very pared back and considered.

The store is in fact a series of roomsets and as far as making an impact is concerned, this looks like the future for Tom Dixon, showing perhaps how Shanghai is at the forefront of developments in retail design.