Towering Tech. Apple in Los Angeles

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The majority of tech shops tend to be fairly functional affairs, located in purpose-built sheds on the edge of towns and cities and doing the job that they were set up for – shifting large amounts of hardware.

Apple is the exception to this generalisation with stores the world over that are eye-openers and which frequently involve taking an existing building, restoring it and in the process transforming it. The latest example of this is to be found in Los Angeles (Apple already has more than 20 stores in the City of Angels!) where the Californian tech giant has revamped the Tower cinema that closed in 1988 and reinvigorated a space that had fallen into relative neglect in the city’s Broadway movie district.

The outcome is a space in which the grandeur of Hollywood’s golden age has been melded with the slick hi-tech reality of the 21st century, meaning that everything from chandeliers and Corinthian columns is combined with plain wood display tables and design-led electronic devices.

Tech doesn’t have to be dull and, as seemingly for ever, Apple shows why this is the case.

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