Tracey Neuls: Shops on a Shoestring

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Sometimes it’s the simplest things that have the greatest visual impact. Coal Drops Yard, the repurposed Victorian depot at London’s Kings Cross, opens tomorrow and when it does there will doubtless be a good number of shoppers and curiosity seekers heading to the Tracey Neuls shop.

This store is on the lower level of the development and like all the others as well as being a shop, it is also a fine example of use being made of an existing structure with the beautiful London brick stock that forms the walls being shown off to advantage.

What really catches the eye however are the shoes. Tracey Neuls is a shoe designer and retailer (the original store is about a mile distant in Marylebone) and her ‘schtick’ is having no display tables in the midshop, using instead ribbons, attached to the ceiling, from which the shoes are suspended from.

The effect is truly original and for what must be one of the lowest-cost fitouts in the whole of Coal Drops Yard, this is surely among the most eye-catching.

As for Coal Drops Yard itself, the ‘bridge’ of glass and steel that joins the two 19th century buildings and which has an astonishing curving roof, courtesy of Heatherwick Studio, does all of the work and will be garnering sightseers for some time to come.