Unboxed, the Singapore kiosk experience

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Can’t really think why nobody has done this before (perhaps it has), but a network phone store in the shape of a mobile handset has just opened in Singapore. This is a 45 sq m space from Singtel and it’s a mobile pop-up that will be making its way around the City State over the next few months.

Customers visiting it in its current Pickering Street location will encounter a phone-shaped fascia bearing the legend ‘UNBOXED’ and a store that has no staff. Similar therefore to an unmanned kiosk within, the visitor will be able to interact with the ‘store’ using facial recognition technology, which provides the means to sign up for mobile plans, get information and collect pre-ordered phones and devices. Bill payments, pre-paid top-ups and SIM card replacements can also be made in the space.

There are also a range of phones and headsets to be browsed and tested, although Singtel has studiously avoided the familiar ‘wall of phones’ as this is probably some distance from what the average Unboxed client is likely to be looking for.

Amazingly, given the graphics, displays and objects on offer to be played with, this is a kiosk that is almost an experience in its own right.