Uniqlo Sets a New Pace in Hamburg

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Four floors, an ostentatious high-gloss spiral staircase and handsome mosaic pillars are the sort of things that you might, just, expect if that most unlikely of things were to happen, the opening of a new department store. In Hamburg’s Alter Wall, in the city centre, however, this is in fact the outcome of the opening of a new branch of Uniqlo.

The store has around 1750 sqm of trading space and is a handsome part of Hamburg’s architectural fabric having been a powerful bank in a former life. Step inside this one and any thoughts of banking vanish as the visitor is confronted by a glass and steel-topped store-high atrium with the void filled by the white spiral staircase, meaning everything is merchandised around this.

In terms of making an impact, this has to be one of the most dramatic interiors in the Hanseatic city and it should see a ready supply of shoppers braving the health crisis to take a look. It will be worth their time.