Uniting with Nike. Another Format for the Sportswear Giant.

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OK, so until this week shoppers frequenting a Nike store could visit the eponymous Nike House of Innovation, a Nike Rise branch or a Nike Live emporium. All were claimed to be for specific customer groups with the House of Innovation being at the top of the pile. Now a fourth format can be added to this trio: Nike Unite.

With stores now open in the US, South Korea and Scotland, Nike Unite targets a ‘local’ community with walls bearing graphics that emphasise a store’s links to its hinterland and to local partners. The product range is claimed to be tailored to the location and if shoppers happen to be Nike Members, they can benefit from contactless digital checkouts.

What all of this in fact boils down to is a format that offers a smaller range than might otherwise be the case, but which has greater relevance for a particular population, rather than being a vehicle for all-comers.

Nike has announced that the format will be spread more widely during 2021.