Updating a Fast Shop in Sao Paulo

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Fast Shop is a Brazilian concern in the business of shifting quantities of homewares and consumer electricals and it’s been around since 1973. Now it’s updating a fair portion of its estate, including the flagship branch at the Shopping Ibirapuera mall in Sao Paulo.

With a selling area of 996 sq m, divided up into 18 different product zones, this is a reasonably substantial space, but what really sets it apart is its status as a ‘lifestyle’ shop (that’s what it says over the door), which means everything from seating in a TV-cum-home cinema area, to suspended pieces of crimped and folded fabric overhead, adding visual interest to the whole.

It is also worth noting that pains have been taken to use a fairly broad palette of materials with a view to making this a store in which exploration forms a major part of any visit. When coupled with the fact that this is a store in which the QR code is king (you can scan products to get information about them using the Fast Shop app), the ambition to provide a store for the next decade is at least some way towards being met.