US Muji Pop-up Shows How Visual Merchandising Is King

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Treating simple, basic garments like quasi works of art is, perhaps, the basis of the best visual merchandising and for an example of what is possible on a shoestring, look no further than the Muji pop-up in Portland, Oregon.

The Japanese ‘no brand’ retailer, which specialises in homewares and clothing, has opened a store in the city in order to ready its citizens for the arrival of a permanent outpost later this autumn. And in the normal run of things you’d expect something pretty minimal, because such is this retailer’s way.

That said, the store uses items such as socks and t-shirts as graphics in their own right while the graphics themselves take the form of suspended mid-shop banners that take the eye to the colour-coordinated display tables. Overall, the effect is similar to that which might be encountered in a standard Muji, rather than the stripped-back approach that tends to mark out a pop-up, as budgets are normally tight.

This store is in place until the end of this month and shows what is possible when even the most basic approach style is adopted.