Vega House’s New Look by Dröm Living in Barcelona

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Dröm Living has designed the sophisticated offices and showroom of Vega House Barcelona, a hotel and restaurant supply company for the VEGA brand of products from E.M. Group of Wertingen, Germany. VEGA offers more than 40,000 products for professionals operating hotels, restaurants, and catering companies. 

All photos are from: Jordi Play

The design studio’s aim was to change the company’s look and to create work spaces designed for the user, offering the greatest comfort possible. To achieve this, the studio put the core of the offices on the centre of a thermo-clay island located in the middle of the area. The block offers different services, from a creative area, through a meeting room, bathroom, printing area to the bar, a versatile and informal space.

The offices were designed with the need to show the client the great variety of products offered by the company. For this reason, Dröm designed each space, the furniture, the lighting in order to highlight the collaborative spaces.

Colours and materials also play a very important role: blue – the corporate colour -, materials such as iron, concrete, wood or thermo-clay have been essential to enhance the quality of the products offered.

Domotics was one of the requirements impossible to leave out of the project. Automating the offices, integrating technology into security systems, energy management, welfare and communications have been a challenge to improve the daily lives of workers in Vega.