Venchi Gushes in New York

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Increasingly, as an ice cream and chocolate brand, Venchi is known in many locations far beyond its Piedmontese home. And part of this spreading of the word has been the opening of café style stores in which the faithful can enjoy a gelato as part of a shopping or tourist day out.

But perhaps the most extreme example of what the company has been doing can be found at the recently opened Venchi branch on New York’s Union Square. This is indeed a café-cum-store, but its point of difference is to be found at the rear of the space where the banquette seating is organised around three perimeter walls and above it a chocolate fountain, in the shape of a curtain, fills the upper part of the wall.

The claim is made that this is the largest chocolate fountain in North America, measuring 45ft in length and 10ft in height. Whether the chocolate that gushes continually would be anything you might want to sample is a matter of taste, but it is difficult to deny that this is an eye-catching feature and one that will drag shoppers in, as well as the prospect of an ice cream.