Versace flagship opens in Beijing

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Versace has opened a flagship store in Beijing in the China World Mall, as part of its strategy to effect a global rollout. The 4,300 sq ft store trades from two levels and has white marble as the cornerstone of its materials palette with the floors, walls and much of the mid-shop equipment clad in the polished stone.

That said, it is the ceiling that is likely to garner the most admiration from visitors with a burnished gold geometric laced pattern forming the whole with self-coloured spotlights incorporated into the grid. Versace makes much of the fact that the lights are dimmable according to the time of day, meaning a more efficient use of energy across the space.

All of which means that the store has a glitzy but curiously neutral feel to it, allowing the trademark loud colours of the Versace collection to shine without competition. The Beiijing store is part of a plan that will see more than 100 new Versace stores being opened by 2022.