Versace Returns to New York

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It’s been a while since there was a Versace store in New York, around two years, but now the never knowingly understated luxury fashion brand is back in town with a store in SoHo and it has most of the hallmarks that might be associated with the label.

The floor is marble covered and describes a geometric Greek pattern while overhead the familiar Medusa face that forms part of the Versace brand signature peers down in stucco form from the ceiling.

The store is actually relatively modest in size, 285 sq m, but it is sufficiently large to carry the whole of the current range, from apparel through to accessories and beauty products.

The store design is the work of Tokyo-based Curiosity and follows the template first unveiled in the store in Paris.

It is a measure perhaps of returning confidence in the luxury sector that stores of this kind are being opened.

Pics: Versace