VF Corp’s First Multi-brand Store

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Timberland, The North Face, and Napapijri from the VF Group come together for the first time in an innovative retail space, where digital and physical experience are intertwined.

Alberto De Luca – Architect, Director of Store Development & Planning EMEA VF Corp – shares with MiND some insights about the project.

In Via Orefici 11, Milan, you can find three icons of the international lifestyle: Timberland, The North Face, and Napapijri all together in a real meeting place for new metropolitan cultures. The store is more than a simple brick-and-mortar space where you can buy their products, it’s a platform where projects and initiatives will be presented. A place where community of people can discuss and act on the values of the three brands such as circular design, sustainability and exploration.

The store is a 2,000 square meter on 3 levels, where physical and digital interact constantly to create a modern, hyper-digital, and omnichannel shopping experience.

One floor is dedicated to a more experiential approach for displaying exclusive VF Corp collaborations, which they’ve named LAB, and the other two floors are dedicated to a few different concepts centered about the values of  each brand with a twist of Milanese culture and architecture.

The design of the space is envisioned to reduce the environmental impact of the building and applied sustainability principles in different areas of the project in line with the corporate purpose.

VF Group decided to develop all the furnishings of the store together with ALU: From R&D and materials research to prototyping, production and installation, this project features custom systems that accentuate the VF identity for each of their brands.

ALU’s modular systems allowed the VF Group to reduce the environmental impact as early as the production stage with also the possibility of adapting them in different spaces or declining them in different sizes guaranteeing a longer useful life.

MiND asked two questions to Alberto De LucaArchitect, Director of Store Development & Planning EMEA VF Corp:

Which aspect did you as the architect find particularly challenging in the execution of this project?

“Not only one in particular but more a combination of challenges driven by time, complexity and amount of the new fixtures systems that we have developed, crossed with an extreme attention on details execution, sustainability and historical consistency; without unfortunately forgetting the particular historical period we are experiencing with the covid-19 pandemic.

What role have the  fixtures played in the store concept?

“The quality and kind of finishing of the fixtures are directly connected with the story the brands will tell to our consumers. Their technology and flexibility is one of the bestselling tools our sales staff could have.”

OREFICI11 opens to the public in full compliance with the current restrictions and safety measures. To discover more about the store visit: and follow on Instagram at @OREFICI11.

MiND Team