Virgil Abloh shows off in Chicago

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The dividing line between art and fashion is increasingly one that is blurred by shops that look like galleries and vice versa. With this in mind perhaps, Virgil Abloh has just opened his first exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. As creative director of Louis Vuitton menswear and with a heavy emphasis on luxury and streetwear, you’d expect this one to have a casual feel about it and it does not disappoint.

The exhibition’s galleries showcase everything from garments on blue-sprayed metal runner rails to a sneaker plinth. Yet it is the juxtaposition of all of this with the somewhat gnomic graphics on the walls and installations that justify the show’s ‘Figures of Speech’ title.

As much as anything, a lot of the exhibition is about collaboration, something for which Abloh has become known (not least in his recent NikeLab project, also in Chicago), with work that has given musicians, architects and designers shelter under the Figure of Speech umbrella.