Vision Express Goes for The Indy Look and Feel

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Unless it’s a matter of one-off indy stores, eyewear merchants tend not to set the world on fire as far as look and feel are concerned. A trip to Milton Keynes in the UK heartland might prove, however, that it doesn’t necessarily have to be this way.

Optical giant, Vision Express, is trialling a new format in Buckinghamshire’s largest town in the curiously-named mall that is The Centre:mk. And in place of the retailer’s matt black and white comes natural wood, used across the store in the form of louvred panels around the perimeter and in the window. The highlight colour is mauve used, for the most part (the kids area uses an ochre yellow), to lift an otherwise neutral scheme.

This is almost entirely different from other chain optical stores and manages to pull off that rare trick of having an indy presence, with all that means as far as ambiance is concerned. It will be interesting to see if the roll-out button is pressed on this one.