Warby Park in Fashion (Valley)

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All the same, but all different might be the strapline for US eyewear retailer Warby Parker, which since its 2010 foundation has grown to just shy of 150 outposts and which has just filed for a listing – which should help provide cash for further expansion.

And one of the latest stores to welcome those in search of glasses is in San Diego’s Fashion Valley, bringing to two, the number of branches in the Southern Californian city. This one actually has the almost standard library-style shelving, but like all other stores in the chain, it is the mural that does much of the talking with its signature ‘Nice to see you’ message being part of a blue and white image.

The rest of the store takes blue as the key colour with the exterior featuring cobalt blue tiles, all of which is intended to reflect the store’s location in one of the sunnier parts of the US.