Wegmania in NYC

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Wegmans has finally arrived in New York City. On the face of it, the opening of a 74,000 sq ft grocery store in Brooklyn’s Navy Yards does not actually sound that exciting, but that would be to discount the enthusiasm of the ‘Wegmaniacs’, who visit the retailer’s stores and promote its activities across New England (for the most part).

The reason, perhaps, that they do so is because Wegmans is a heady mix of visual merchandising that takes the viewer to the realm of the indoor market and a sense of a shared experience – this is the 101st Wegmans to welcome shoppers. And for lucky New Yorkers, this one also has a bar which has been fitted out in a manner that makes users almost feel as if they have left the confines of the supermarket when they head up to the counter to order a Martini.

The store opened at the weekend and on a very rainy day but this did little to dampen the spirits of the many who queued to witness the doors being flung wide.